C.E.U. Deutschland First Symposium, 2004

2 – 4 September 2004, Görlitz, Germany and Zgorzelec, Poland


Delegates at the launch of CEU Deutschland with the signed Charter

The mayor of Görlitz, Stefan Holthaus, opened the seminar with an introduction on the background of this unique city lying on the German-Polish border, and the problems of its shrinking population. Today European cities have a great challenge to meet, the end of the industrial age.

Harald Bodenschatz hold the opening speech of CEU-D. He focused on the necessity of the ‘Stadtumbau’, the reconstruction of our cities. The solution to the problem of urban sprawl is the return to traditional city planning. But he emphasized that we should not blindly copy our old towns, but do so critically. He pointed out the importance of seeing town planning and architecture as two separate issues, and emphasized that both traditional and modernist architecture can have its place in a traditional town planning.

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