Architecture and Qualification of the City

1st International Conference Universidade Católica Portuguesa 7 – 8 May 2010, Faculty of Engineering, Sintra Campus, Portugal Sintra 2010 Programme Friday – May 7th Faculty of Engineering 9.00 Welcoming participants 9.15 Speech by the Director of the Faculty of Engineering Professor Manuel Barata Marques Speech by the Mayor of Sintra Professor Fernando Seara Speech by […] Continue reading →

New Urbanism: Rx for Healthy Places

Organized with assistance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “New Urbanism: Rx for Healthy Places” will present new research and innovative techniques for incorporating health impacts into land use, transportation planning, and community design decisions at a variety of scales. Share the opportunities and challenges of strengthening the link between New Urbanism […] Continue reading →