Norwegian Chapter

Founded: 2004

Audun Engh, project manager. Thomas Heftyes gate 14, 0264 Oslo. Tel +4792622626. Email: moc.liamgnull@hgne.nudua.
Arne Sødal, architect, St. Olavs gate 7, 0165 Oslo, Tel. +4722200926 / +47 92298996. Email: on.enilnonull@adeosnra.

Introduction to the work of chapter: The Norwegian  chapter of the Council for European Urbanism is a network of individuals from different professions who support CEU´s mission. CEU Norway organised the September 2008 international CEU Conference in Oslo, Climate Change and Urban Design, with 220 particpants and Audun Engh as project manager. CEU Norway has from 2007 co-organized the so far six annual Havana International Urban Design Charrettes and Study Tours, with CEU Cuba, INTBAU Scandinavia and INTBAU Cuba as partners. CEU Norway has also organised a series of meetings in Oslo to address current urban design and planning issues and a study tour to Paris. We have been involved as team members at several urban design charrettes in Norwegian minicipalities, and co-organised international Charrette Training short courses.

The Chapter’s keywords are: European Urbanism, Compact Cities, Mixed-Use, New Urbanism, Livable Cities, Sustainable Transportation, Sustainable Urbanism, Charrettes

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