Five CEU members speaking at the 20th Congress of the New Urbanism

This years CNU20 features the topics of peak oil, climate change, wealth disparity amongst others. These new challenges for praticioneers and poitics in the field of Urban Design are core themes of CEU’s work over the last years and match closely with our initiatives, like the Oslo Declaration on Climate Change and Urband Design.

It is therefore not by chance, that five CEU members will spaek at CNU20: The New World. Strickly speaking it is not so much a new world we are facing but as CNU20 states it: “a New World of challenges and opportunities before us”.

The presentations by Joanna Alimanestianu, Audun Engh, Michael Mehaffy and Aljoscha Hofmann will all be in the Open Innovation Session (organized for the first time) in the Breakout Sessions Resilience and Adaptation and Growing “In” in the 21st Century: Incremental growth patterns:

Resilience and Adaptation

“Resilience is the ability of a system to rebound from a negative impact usual based in diversity. Adaptation is accepting and anticipating the need to respond to changing conditions such as new climates. These fearless panelists will address the ways to prepare for and respond to the changing conditions of our world while moving towards moresustainable lifestyles.”

Growing “In” in the 21st Century: Incremental growth patterns

“Redevelopment is changing so that cities need to allow more flexibility for small builders and developers while still creating a harmonious public realm that is sustainable and walkable. From “foot logic” to “living streets”, from incremental infrastructure to “radical radials,” this group of thinkers will tackle new development paradigms for the new century. “

while Valentin Hadelich will present his research on “Venustas” in Thursdays Space, the First but Not Final Frontier: Analyzing space, uses, and transportation Breakout Session:

Space, the First but Not Final Frontier: Analyzing space, uses, and transportation

“Showcasing research on the relationship between urban form and New Urbanism, a number of papers were selected for their academic rigor, originality, scholarship, and creativity. If you are interested in the most recent urban form investigations and trends, you won’t want to miss this session.”

We are looking foward to the congress and getting involved in changing the way we use, live and work in and with our world.

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