CEU-INTBAU to run session at A Vision of Europe

CEU, together with INTBAU, will stage one of the three sessions at A Vision of Europe 2009, entitled “Towards New Eco-Compact Cities: Building a Smart Growth World”, to be held in Bologna from 24-27 September 2009.

The draft program for the CEU-INTBAU session on 25 September is as follows:

Triennale V | DAY 2 Quartiere Santo Stefano-Comune di Bologna, Via S. Stefano 119

25 September 2009
09.30 – 13.30 | 1st Session
chaired by INTBAU-CEU

09.00-09.30 Introduction, Local Dignitaries

Analyses and Strategies

09.30-09.45 MICHAEL MEHAFFY, secretary, INTBAU ICC
09.45-10.00 HARALD KEGLER, chair, Council for European Urbanism
10.00-10.15 PETER ROBINSON, architect, Sustainable Urbanism, Australia
10.15-10.30 BEN BOLGAR, The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, UK
10.30-10.45 KRUPALI UPLEKAR, architect, INTBAU USA
10.45-11.00 GIUSEPPE AMORUSO, Polytechnic of Milano, Italy
11.00-11.15 LUCIEN STEIL, University of Notre Dame, USA

11.15-11.45 Break

Case Studies

11.45-12.00 JOANNA ALIMANESTIANU, architect, Council for European Urbanism
12.00-12.15 HARALD BODENSCHATZ, Technical University Berlin, Germany
12.15- 12.30 AUDUN ENGH, attorney, CEU Norway
12.30- 12.45 ALLAN STRUS, architect, Estonia
12.45-13.00 JULIO PEREZ, architect, CEU Cuba

13.00-13.30 Debate

Further information

For further details and a full program, please visit http://www.avoe.org/2009—iv.html.

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