Sustainable Urbanism 2006

Second International Congress
November 2006, Leeds, UK

The second International Congress of the C.E.U. will take place in the English city of Leeds over the 9th and 10th of November 2006, following our successful Inaugural Congress in Berlin in 2005.
The Congress theme this year is Sustainable Urbanism. Over two days we will be examining sustainable urbanism based on an holistic exploration of ideas and examples from across the globe, with a focus on transferable lessons of useful value to practitioners and decision makers. We will look at how sustainable urbanism can be approached in an integrated way in a variety of settings: in cities, towns and villages in Europe and beyond. This approach to urbanism will be explored at a range of scales from the micro-urban to the broadly regional, with an emphasis on examples which reflect the vision, aims and objectives for urbanism expressed in C.E.U.’s Charter of Stockholm.
Specific Congress sessions will explore the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable urbanism. As well as an outstanding selection of speakers, substantial time has been dedicated for participants to discuss the issues in plenary sessions, involving keynote and other speakers, and facilitated by expert urbanist moderators. A concluding Roundtable of international urbanists on Day Two will bring the themes of the Congress together to identify key, transferable lessons that can be applied to European urbanism in future.

We hope you can join us for what promises to be a very stimulating and important Congress!.

Visit the Leeds congress web site for more information.

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