Swedish Chapter

Founded: 2003

Contact: Dr. Tigran Haas, Associate Professor, Royal Institute of Technology KTH (es.htk.ebanull@saah.nargit)

Introduction to work of chapter: The Swedish chapter of the Council for European Urbanism has been founded in 2003 as a result of the first conference in Bruges and Brussels in 2003. The chapter is an informal organization that is connected to practice and academia (LTH in Lund and KTH in Stockholm) and its foundation lies in the Urban City Research at Ax:Son Johnson Foundation in Stockholm (Peter Elmlund, Director of UCR and Co-Founder of Council for European Urbanism – CEU).

The Chapter’s keywords are: European Urbanism, Compact Cities, Mixed-Use, New Urbanism, Agrarian Urbanism, Livable Cities, The European Square, Sustainable Transportation, Sustainable Urbanism
The chapter is highly involved in practice, academia and public debates. Its members release papers, books, give talks and present at conferences and forums. It also has a input in Academia in two Institutes of Technology at KTH and in Lund, through research projects and masters programs.