C.E.U. Deutschland First Symposium, 2004

2 – 4 September 2004, Görlitz, Germany and Zgorzelec, Poland   Delegates at the launch of CEU Deutschland with the signed Charter The mayor of Görlitz, Stefan Holthaus, opened the seminar with an introduction on the background of this unique city lying on the German-Polish border, and the problems of its shrinking population. Today European […]

Red light for out-of-town stores

“The government’s current planning policy, on which the decision was based, is aimed at avoiding an expansion of out-of-town shopping to reduce pollution caused by car journeys, and to protect existing town centres”. Read full article.

UNESCO acts against highrise buildings

One of Germany’s most iconic buildings, the historic Cologne Cathedral, has been put on the UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) List of World Heritage in Danger, due to the increasing development of the German city’s skyline. “The organization admitted concerns during its annual meeting that the construction of several highrise buildings on the […]

Report from Viseu conference, 4-9 May 2004

A Synthesis: New Strategies for Education in Architecture and Urbanism Susan Parham © 2004 Introduction Synthesising discussion from three days that included so much interesting and useful dialogue has proved a very difficult task. This conference report attempts to summarise and structure participants’ contributions into a series of themes that it is hoped capture the […]

The Teaching of Architecture in the Age of Globalisation, 2004

Report by Susan Parham from the C.E.U. – INTBAU Conference 4 – 9 May 2004, Viseu, Portugal Globalisation is a long standing and well established process, as Elizabeth Plater Zyberk and Matthew Hardy pointed out. It would be presumptuous to assume this is purely a 20th and 21st Century phenomenon. As Javier Cenicacelaya and others […]

Cities to lead quiet revolution

The Guardian April 20: “John Prescott wants to re-educate planners and councillors so that they no longer allow housing estates or shopping centres to be dumped on the edge of towns or in the middle of the countryside. He also wants councillors to veto developments that lack the right mixture of houses, jobs, transport and […]

Large scale urban development projects in Berlin

One of most debated projects is the demolition of the DDR “Palace of the Republic, and the reconstruction of the Royal Palace on the site. According to Rem Koolhaas, the demolition “feels kind of insanely ahistorical.”. Read more…

This is Järla Sjö

Model of the Järla Sjö development From industrial estate to small town The Järla Sjö district is developed on a site of industrial historical importance at the Lake Järla in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden. The district plan is founded on a small town structure, scale and contents – a proper basis for attaining a human and […]

C.E.U. Launch Conference, Stockholm, 2003

Report from C.E.U.’s Founding Event 6 November 2003, Järla Sjö, Stockholm, Sweden Some 60 people from a wide range of backgrounds met in Stockholm in 2003 to sign The Charter of Stockholm as the grounding document of the Council for European Urbanism. The Council was created in Bruges early in 2003 and is a network […]