Audun Engh lectures at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Audun Engh lectures on Urban Design and New Urbanism at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture September 17, 2012 At 18:30 pm on September 17, 2012, Mr. Audun Engh, the expert from Norway and C.E.U. board member, was invited by the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, at the Beijing University of Civil Engineering […]
edited by Tigran Haas, 2012

Review: Sustainable Urbanism and beyond

The Journal “Better! Cities & Towns” has published a review on the book: “Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond: Rethinking Cities for the Future“, edited by Tigran Haas (CEU Sweden). The book features 59 essays by 76 authors from around the world and it the second volume – following the first from 2008: “Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond: […]

CNU20 Webcasts online

Webcasts of CNU20 speaches are now available online. So if you didn’t have the chance to attend or missed out on a session you can now catch up. This also means that the presentations held by C.E.U. in different sessions can be reviewed. You find Joanna Alimanestianu’s presentation in the Breakout Session: Resilience and Adaptation […]

Five CEU members speaking at the 20th Congress of the New Urbanism

This years CNU20 features the topics of peak oil, climate change, wealth disparity amongst others. These new challenges for praticioneers and poitics in the field of Urban Design are core themes of CEU’s work over the last years and match closely with our initiatives, like the Oslo Declaration on Climate Change and Urband Design. It […]

Analysis of Paris High-Rise Proposals catches the media

Made public on the 21st of march 2012, the CEU White Paper about three high-rise proposals for Paris already created some media reactions. After the Providence Journal took on the story, Planetizen reports about the CEU paper.

Jahrestagung des C.E.U. Deutschland 2011 in Emmendingen

Charrette zur Standortwahl für eine Hochschule Bericht von Harald Bodenschatz und Wolfgang Serbser Vom 11. bis 13. November 2011 trafen sich etwa 15 Mitglieder der deutschen Sektion des CEU (Counsil for European Urbanism) in Emmendingen bei Freiburg zu ihrer Jahrestagung, um neue Konzepte in der Hochschulbildung und die städtebaulichen Auswirkungen solcher Konzepte zu diskutieren. Am […]

CEU to review plans for new towers in Paris

Meeting with SOS Paris to share views A fact-finding committee from the Council for European Urbanism (CEU) will visit France during the last week in September to review new plans for building towers in Paris. They will share initial findings at a meeting with SOS Paris, a long-established organization specializing in architectural issues in Paris. […]