General Agreement on Mixed Use

The CEU Council participants adopted the following General Agreement on Mixed Use prepared as part of a conference run by the Ax:son Johnson Foundation.

Successful mixed use:

  • supports social inclusion regardless of age, wealth, health, gender and ethnicity
  • catalyzes public life by attracting people to the same place for a variety of reasons
  • supports understanding of the world by making visible its variety of activities
  • enables the formation of local communities while providing a platform for conflict resolution
  • increases health and well-being as a result of walking an cycling
  • makes the public and private realms safer through the presence of people
  • encourages different scales of economic activity including home occupations
  • achieves a market rate of return while accepting a normal risk on investment
  • improves the balance between production and consumption
  • sustains efficient use of land, infrastructure and buildings over time
  • minimizes dependence on private motor vehicles, supports use of public transport and encourages walking and cycling
  • stimulates pedestrian activity by providing convenient access to daily needs and meaningful destinations
  • corresponds to the scale and character of its urban context.