Dutch Chapter

Founded: 2003

Peter Drijver, Scala architects (ln.netcetihcra-alacsnull@retep)
Peter Verschuren, Wissing Urban design (ln.tentehnull@neruhcsrevretep)

Introduction to work of chapter: The dutch chapter of the Council for European Urbanism has been founded in 2003 as a result of the first conference in Bruges and Brussels in 2003. The chapter is an informal organization with two secretaries ever since. It is a ‘club’ of professionals and students, designers as well as developers as historians practising critiques on the modernism that once ruled our country.

Since 2003 the dutch chapter meets at least 5 times a year and combines guided tours along new projects with presentations on designs, studies and projects.

The dutch chapter closely works together with MoTra (‘Modern tradition’), Intbau Netherlands, De Nieuwe Stad (circle of planners and writers)  and the BSK2 group of students from the Delft faculty. On many occasions representatives of the dutch chapter spoke on new directions in building communities and neigboorhoods, the redeveloping of the centre of villages and towns. In 2010 a book entitled ‘The New Tradition’ by Hans Ibelings and Vincent van Rossem was co-produced by the dutch chapter, lavishingly illustrated with new dutch projects that are hardly ever publicized by the established architectural press.

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