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Wal-mart goes urban?

“Wal-Mart, the big-box giant sometimes accused of contributing to sprawl, traffic jams and the demise of downtown merchants, is considering an urban look and downtown locations…” “It humanizes big-box retail,” says Ben Pentreath, a British architectural designer with the Prince of Wales Foundation for the Built Environment. Pentreath was part of a team developing a […] Continue reading →

Le Corbusier and the Estate from Hel

“Le Corbusier himself, so often blamed for all dismal concrete estates, designed his showcase Unite d’Habitation (1952) in Marseilles. This great 12-storey concrete ship of domesticity was meant for blue-collar families. Today it is home to white-collar professionals. It works because it is well planned and thoroughly serviced.” Read full article. Continue reading →

Urban design: the issue explained

“But ministers insist that quality can be achieved cheaply. In an effort to secure better standards of housing design they have backed controversial design codes used on Poundbury, Prince Charles’s mock village in Dorset, and Seaside in Florida, the setting for the satirical film The Truman Show. Such codes are endorsed by the influential “new […] Continue reading →

Exhibition Online: European Urbanism 1995-2005

CEU has produced an exhibition of European urban development projects from the last 10 years. We have now also made the exhibition available online. Included are projects from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom. The exhibition was presented at the Congress for New Urbanism in Pasadena, California June 2005, and the CEU […] Continue reading →

C.E.U. Deutschland First Symposium, 2004

2 – 4 September 2004, Görlitz, Germany and Zgorzelec, Poland   Delegates at the launch of CEU Deutschland with the signed Charter The mayor of Görlitz, Stefan Holthaus, opened the seminar with an introduction on the background of this unique city lying on the German-Polish border, and the problems of its shrinking population. Today European […] Continue reading →