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Symposium: “The Implementation of the New Urban Agenda: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Join us at this Council for European Urbanism (CEU) Symposium and Annual Meeting! As the United Nations’ “New Urban Agenda” moves into implementation, many questions remain about the model(s) of urbanization that will actually be used for implementation. Will we employ timeless, proven, human-scale models, as the CEU and its allies have advocated — or […] Continue reading →


COP21 AND BEYOND: Defining the “New Urban Agenda” in a Changing Climate November 27-29, 2015 Council for European Urbanism In partnership with: International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU), Sustasis Foundation, Center for Metropolitan Studies at the Technical University of Berlin and other partners (tba) Please join us in Berlin for a very […] Continue reading →

Suggestion: Oslo-Denver-Initiative

Suggestion, 2008-08-28 |Draft| (deutsche Fassung) Harald Kegler The “Oslo-Denver-Initiative” (ODI) — An initiative of CEU and CNU aimed at practical measures in urban and regional development in order to reduce the effects of climate change On the occasion of the International Congress of the CEU “Urban Design and Climate Change” to be held in Oslo […] Continue reading →

Anregung: Oslo-Denver-Initiative

Suggestion, 2008-08-24 |Entwurf| (english Version) Harald Kegler The „Oslo-Denver-Initiative“ (ODI) — Eine Initiative des CEU und des CNU für praktische Maßnahmen in Städtebau und Regionalentwicklung gegen den Klimawandel Der Council for European Urbanism (CEU) und der Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) starten anlässlich des Internationalen CEU-Kongresses “urban Design and Climate Change” in Oslo im September […] Continue reading →